Why Us?

Providing quality services is the top priority for Homeplace Support Services. We believe in continuous quality improvement, and encourage our staff to increase their skills, knowledge, and credentials to show growth within their field of expertise. Providing our staff with the appropriate tools allows us to have a more active presence within the person-centered team and to provide quality services that are built on Best Practices.

Supervision for behavior clinicians is an important part of what sets Homeplace apart. Our behavior clinicians receive individual, group, and on-site supervision. This supervision allows for clinicians to share their experience with each other and to stay relevant on the latest trends and practices. It also encourages a team atmosphere that promotes creativity and collaboration while providing services.

Because the Administrative Team has such a long history of working with people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, they have a wide range of resources and knowledge about how to help people become involved in their community and build relationships with others to establish natural supports. This allows the people we serve to become more independent and to do the things that are important to them, whether it’s getting a job, going on vacation, or making friends.