Mission Statement

To empower adults with developmental disabilities to live more independently.  To provide tested and creative programs that respect the rights of these individuals while allowing them to reach a level of confidence and learning whereby they feel qualified to make life choices for themselves.

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Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Welcome to Homeplace Support Services

Homeplace Support Services encourages individuals with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. The philosophy that our clients need, and are capable of, developing friendships is our guiding principle. Homeplace residents and participants are encouraged to cultivate and maintain friendships in the agency as well as in the community.

Communication between our staff and the clients’ families or legal representatives is essential to providing services which are both ethical and effective.  Homeplace focuses on unique abilities, not on disabilities.

The ultimate goal of Homeplace is to provide services which allow those with compromised abilities to be fully integrated into the life of their community.